June 22, 2009

Ghostbusters Week: Day 1

Peter Venkman

How can you not like Bill Murray? I understand the new Ghostbusters video game just came out too. With that and all the talk of a third movie, it seems Ghostbusters could be back in a big way.

I remember as a young kid, me and my friend would grab flashlights, put on our little backpacks from school, and would slowly creep from closet to closet in the darkened house looking to capture some ghosts. If I remember correctly, we even had a little rectangular cardboard box on a string we would throw out on the floor to trap the ghosts in. I guess you can have fun without having to buying a bunch of toys after all.

Bustin' makes me feel good.
Catch you tomorrow!


  1. Ghostbusters is on TV daily it seems on either AMC or TBS/Peachtree. Watched it last night, actually. Great art!

  2. WOW! This is greaatttttttttt!! Love GB, love Bill Murray!

  3. Indeed, Ghostbusters is certainly making a comeback. I'm a huge fan of the movies and all related stuff, including the new game. But the recent surge in popularity is probably because of the 25th anniversary, which happened officially earlier this month. Hence the daily viewings in AMC.

  4. awesome!! go make the whole gang!
    if you feel like it :P
    nice work, per usual.

  5. Lol!

    I watched the movie last night for the first time in 15 years and today you come up with this.

    Awesome :-)

  6. Ay caramba!
    It's me again, Dean, old buddy!
    Congrats on capturing Venkman's personality and looks, and I must say I wowed so loud that I scared my dog...
    GB is one of the greatest movies of the 80s, and I personally think that GB week will rock just like Lost week did. I will pray to see a marshmallow man, and I will honor your forever.
    GB week is awesum!

  7. Dude! Thank you for bringing old and happy memories back to my mind! When I was a child myself, I used to pick up my backpack from school and I also had a sort of plastic mecanic parts toys which I used to ensemble to created the GB gear!!! Pretty similar story as you told us, but with the lights on! :p
    Again, man, thanx for your work!!!

  8. Bustin makes me feelin good!I love Ghostbusters!!!!


  9. LOVE these guys so much, I did a GB wallpaper from them.

    Is there hope of an official one?

    I put stay puft in the background, put the main guys in front, Louis and gb1 jeanine on the right, and gb2 jeanine and Dana on the left. I put slimer above Egon, and changed his eyes to look up, and Peter is next to Dana, so I changed his eye to look left at her. Biggest change/enhancement was adding "simpson eyes" to the No Ghost logo, and having it behind stay puft on the left hand side.

  10. I think your whole idea is brilliant, and your drawings are top notch. Love both Simpsons and Ghostbusters. Would love to see Jeff Goldblum / The Fly when you have a chance. Keep up the amazingly cool work!