June 25, 2009

Ghostbusters Week: Day 4

Ray Stantz

Ray was funny, he seemed to be a little too fascinated with his job. He seemed to soak up every new discovery and every new horror like a little boy eagerly dissecting a frog. His affection for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was particularly endearing.


  1. Ah I like the cigarette.
    Thats what makes it for me.
    I always think of the scene where Ray drops his jaw in surprise and theres his cigarette just dangling off his lip.

  2. I love the ghost trap!!! Ray was definitely the most enthusiastic GB...he had an erotic dream with a ghost!!!

  3. Great job! The cig is definitely a nice touch. That's definitely Ray.

  4. Ray, the crazy and the last GB...
    It makes me weep thinking about the OLden days...
    Grandpa talk. Dammit, can't stop weeping.
    Ray is a major buster, and he puts the cuckoo in Ghostbusters.

  5. Man, these are cool drawings!

    Been looking at this blog for a long time and the quality is always real good.

    Slime on Dean!!!

  6. Congratulations man, Nice work.

    SoNinSoft from Brazil.

  7. Dean, you have to do the Michael Jackson simpsonized version!!

    RIP Michael.

  8. Ok. I know it's too much of a cliché, but maybe you can do Michael Jackson, in memoriam, in all his versions?

  9. Oh man, these characters would be so awesome on full wallpaper...

    Great work!

  10. Ray was always my favourite. In the movies he was the most excitable. He saw the firehall's potential instead of its structural issues, the ambulance's potential in spite of the work it needed, etc etc. And in the TV show he was pretty much the comic relief.

    Plus he got to work the trap. We ALL wanted to work the trap.

    And to Carlo CPB: That was not an erotic dream but an actual encounter with a ghost. It was a scene that got cut and only partially used for the montage, but... yeah.