July 23, 2010

Doctor Who vs the Sun (plus River Song)

Ok, before anything else, I just want to thank you all for following the blog. There are over 600 of you listed as 'followers' now as well. Your interest is much appreciated! Thank you!

Now, a few of you have contacted me about an odd story that's making the rounds today. Apparently, the Sun UK is reporting that "American Doctor Who fans are campaigning for the Timelord to appear in an episode of cartoon classic The Simpsons."

They also report that "Geeks at the Comic-Con festival in the US leaked the colourful characters as rumours circulated that The Simpsons' producers are planning a Doctor Who special."

The Doctor Who Punx from Springfield Punx are posted on the Sun alongside the story as the "leaked" characters of course. It was brought to my attention that there's a print version with the characters there as well. (I would love a physical copy by the way, if somebody could send one over to me I would gladly send a few bucks their direction) The story has made it to one or two other places as well.

Now don't get me wrong, it's really cool to see the pics up there on the Sun and have a bunch of people see them, but I have no knowledge of any American campaign to get the Ol' Doc on the Simpsons. I would surely support such a campaign though :)

And if "geeks" are "leaking" the pics at ComicCon I guess that's fine, but people could have just come and seen them here first had they known :)

At any rate, this seems to be an amusing example of media taking images and building a story around them. Remember people - verify! :) Thanks to Rob Irwin for blogging on this as well.

In other news, there's a mural that has popped up in San Fran that looks to have found inspiration from the Ghostbusters guys on blog as well. I don't know who the painter is, but I think it looks pretty cool. If anyone has info on the story behind it, it'd be cool to hear.

Anyway, so as to not let this weird and hectic day go to waste, here is River Song from Doctor Who - (Click images to enlarge)

Thanks again for visiting!

P.S. To those that asked - yes, A Doctor Who wallpaper is in the works.


  1. As a new fan of your art.. I think that for someone who has limited knowledge of DR WHO ...You have nailed the look great. The Daleks are great, you even make the redesigned colourful ones look good.. Maybe you could invesigate the 1960's Movie Dalek's that inspired the latest versions. Great Dr Who Love the Fez and a very sexy River I must say.

    I look forward to your next offerings..... What about every school boys crush from the 1970's Miss Sarah Jane Smith... she deserves the Springfield Punx Treatment. T T F N

  2. Or what about the possibility of doing one or two of David Tennant's Doctor?

    (Also, have you thought of doing the whole Mythbusters team? Adam, Jamie, Kari, Grant and Tory?)

  3. @ Noel 9: Count me among those that had a crush on Miss Smith! Like a lot of people my age, I grew up watching the 4th Doctor on PBS.
    I'm always up for more Punx'ified versions of the Whoniverse characters :D

  4. I'd love a whole Springfield Doctor lineup! 1-11! And your Edward Scissorhand is amazing!

  5. It's only just struck me that River's outfit looks like something Zoe from Firefly would wear.

    ... Hey, you should do Firefly!

  6. Don't worry the Sun trawls sites online and then uses stuff to fabricate stories about anything it wants.

  7. it would seriously make a great episode. just something trippy like they traveled through time and space in the tardis and wound up in springfield. How awesome!

  8. excuse me, not being horrible or anything because I love the artwork but can you make the river song with out the glasses bigger cos' it's not like the others

  9. these are sssssssssssssooooooooooo cool imagine a simpson episode with them in on the tv so bart and lisa are watching it and homer gets scared lol

  10. That is beautiful Dean, absolutely beautiful. River has been a favourite character of mine.