July 2, 2010

Doctor Who Week: Day 5

New Daleks

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This fifth series brought with it a new type of Dalek. And seemingly a more fashionable, colorful one at that.


  1. please i wana see some one of star wars

  2. Some great new Daleks there, and hope we'll get to see the previous ten Doctors on here some time.

    During the run up to Victory of the Daleks, UK TV listings magazine the Radio Times came out with three covers, to also mark the General Election.

    The red Dalek cover represented the Labour party, the blue one was the Conservative party and the (very rare) yellow Dalek cover represented the Liberal Democrats.

    Had the election results played out in a Doctor Who episode, we'd have seen the blue and yellow Daleks join forces and exterminate the red one!

  3. Ha ha! That's really interesting Adam!

  4. you should make it so that the daleks move