September 25, 2010

Street Fighter; Chun-Li!


After doing those Street Fighter guys last weekend, I wanted to do another character, so...

Also, I was recently told about a charity for children with multiple online auctions right now selling celebrity items. To be totally honest, I hadn't really heard of it before (so feel free to do your homework) but it's called "Clothes Off Our Back" and it was apparently started by the "Malcom in the Middle" mom Jane Kaczmarek and Bradley Whitford.

Of particular interest is the Simpsons stuff. The Homer Etch-a-Sketch is rather cool :) Only a few days left on it though! They have Hurley's skull cufflinks too!


  1. Please more chung lee the best girl of the street fighter

  2. LOVE the blog. Check it out all the time! But one thing's always bothered me. You know that most of the Simpsons' characters don't have eyebrows, right?

  3. That's true Josh, however when a celebrity/'real life person'/popular character appears on the show, more often than not they do have eyebrows, so that's how I approach it.

  4. Huh, I'd never noticed that! I'll be on the lookout! Like I said, I love the site! Awesome work!

  5. Absolutely lovely!
    One point of criticism thou, Chun Li is wearing a brown paintyhose on that outfit.