September 17, 2010

Street Fighter Weekend; Blanka!

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I decided to get some Street Fighter characters out there. I haven't had a ton of time to do all of them, but I did want to get a few out there, and this weekend was as good enough a time as any. If you don't see your favorite this weekend just bear with me. There's always room in the future for more.

Anyway, while I've never been a huge gamer I do have a fond connection to Street Fighter 2. I would often accompany my friend on his paper route and afterwords we would hit 7-11 to play their arcade games. Sometimes they had NARC or Double Dragon, but my favorite was Street Fighter 2. My friend was quite good, and he would often get really far in the game and hook me in. His character would die, and in the countdown to continue...10...9...8...7... I'd frantically rummage through my pockets and hand over my quarters when he was out.

Gaming is a whole different ball game today obviously, but if you've never played Street Fighter in a 7-11, you've missed some rad times.

See ya Saturday and Sunday!


  1. I could not agree more. I dropped enough quarters in 7-11's on Street Fighter, I probably could have purchased my own machine.

    My 2 favorite worlds growing up have finally come together! SFII and Simpsons.