November 23, 2010

WHOsdays; The First Doctor!

The Doctor (William Hartnell)
(click images to enlarge)

Well it's WHOsday again, and it also happens to be the 47th anniversary of Doctor Who!

I figured it would be a great time to celebrate the one that started it all; the first Doctor!

...and my friends at the Omega Podcast also did up a great looking wallpaper that I wanted to share with you too. Have a look!


  1. You brought a tear to my eye. The 1st original and some say the best Doctor. As another product of this year 1963, I loved that you did this on the anniversary of the 1st Doctor Who transmission. The original Prog was due for transmisson in the UK the previous day, when all that Trouble In Dallas happened involving a certain JFK.

    The you captured the grumpy Doctor in all his glory, I especially liked the addition of the ring. Its all in the detail afteral

    It would be nice to have you do a retro Dalek of this time (1964) especially in Black & White as the Doctor did not go colour until the 1970's

    Thank you again for a great Whoday Tuesday

    Best wishes

    Noel 9

  2. Wicked am I right in thinkin that you'll do all the doctors now :D

  3. Very good, and in those days he had his grandaughter with him, and the stories had to alternate one future one historical so it was educational,lol, I can actually remember seeing this Dr tho' I was only 3 when it all started

  4. What a great idea! Awesome tribute to an awesome character. Happy anniversary, Who lovers!

  5. Brilliant! :D Nice to see the best Doctor in this style. I do hope you do them all eventually. Would be lovely to see them together.

  6. >The original Prog was due for transmisson in the UK the previous day, when all that Trouble In Dallas happened involving a certain JFK. <

    Not true I'm afraid but that was a long standing fan myth, along with the programme's broadcast being delayed on the 23th for 15min, 30min, an hour, etc due to news coverage, all of which is also not true (the delay was, perhaps, two mins).

    Love the pics!

  7. Dean -- You managed to capture the haughtiness of Hartnell's Doctor perfectly! FanTAStic. I have loved your WHOdays.

    A couple of requests (if you take them): Rose, Jack Harkness, and other classic Doctors!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Wow you are doing such a good job...i really like...just one request...will you please make rose, she is my favorite and it would mean a lot...nut of course you don't have to do anything you don't want to.:)

  9. Any chance of the Emperor Dalek making and appearance? or maybe an Auton?

  10. Aah, One... What was it Ten said, that makes me laugh aloud every time I hear it, knowing this Doctor...something about being all old and serious, "as you do when you're young".

    So cool!!! ^_^

  11. Yay!! William Hartnell!! I hope you do Carol Ann Ford! I always thought she would look smashing as a cartoon character, always so animated in every scene. Thank you so much for doing WHOsdays! They make my week ^_^

  12. I like how you put one of the pictures in black and white ,a nice little touch

  13. do you think you could do the rest of the doctors? it would be epic XD