November 9, 2010

WHOsdays; Omega

(Click image to enlarge)

A classic Doctor Who character today - Omega! A classic series villain who I don't know a ton about but he looks cool. I've heard rumors of a possible return of Omega to Doctor Who in the future, but we'll see.

On another note, I had the privilege of spending some time with Mike and Art on the very entertaining Gunaxin Podcast Show and I had a lot of fun. Thanks guys! As promised, here they are, given the SP treatment;


  1. Thanks again Dean... The pic rules!

  2. Loving Omega! One of my favorite stories of the Doctor. Mostly because it brings multiple Doctors together. I'm still hoping to see the older Docs in Simpson form hehe.

  3. Omega! Makes me think of Jon Pertwee, Jo, and anti-matter...

  4. Great job on the MoN guys. Heard the interview on the Gunaxin show and had to check out your site. Awesome stuff.