November 8, 2011

Blue Falcon

This one goes out to Wes who is a costumer and is currently deployed in Afghanistan - it's the classic hero Blue Falcon! Thanks Wes!

Here's another version with the eyes obscured a bit more...


  1. Nice, now can you make a Captain Falcon from F-Zero?

  2. Oh, I'm not against the idea at all dicecipher. I'm interested in drawing Dynomutt as time permits.

  3. Seriously that is cool. Do Dyno-Mutt when you have the time. Did you ever see ?

  4. This is Great! But where are those Dragon Ball Z Characters? I am waiting eagerly for those Dragon Ball Z Characters.

  5. Arkham City!!!!!!!!!!! Punx!!!!!

  6. HA! Nice. I am guessing mainly military guys will get this one, and not many others. At least not without looking up online what "Blue Falcon" means to some people.

  7. I must say, Dean your work is magnificent! Despite the fact that you probably don't remember me, I was the one that offered the affiliation with Wikisimpsons.

    Also, I was wondering if, when you had the time, you'd be able to make a detailed guide on how to draw a Simpsonized character. I've read the other ones over and over, but they never seem to be very explicit, and I can get stuck sometimes.

    Again, just magnificent!

  8. Dean can you draw artists like Pitbull or Bruno Mars, actors like Adam Sandler or bands like Maroon 5, please you are so cool I hope can draw this!, Tnanks

  9. Can you draw Justin Bieber please, yeah I like Pitbull,Adam Sandler and Maroon 5 I'm agree with the anonymous that said that! , please can you!?

  10. Please draw the Beatles, Thanks

  11. Great Blue Falcon

    Sorry no messages of praise for such a long time, but always seem to have problems with my Google id..

    Soooooo sent this as a mystery man

    but it is really me Noel 9 aka

    the Guy from " IT' A DAWGS LIFE " which you helped inspire me to start blogging.

    Take Care

    Noel 9

  12. Dean,

    Just saw the Blue Falcon and I love it! And thanks for the shout out!