November 28, 2011

Springfield Punx Readers Got Talent!

Well a number of SP members have been hard at work putting together some cool work themselves. They've shared their pieces with me and I'd like to share 'em with you. I'm sure they'd really appreciate whatever love you could show them, Punx Nation!

First up is Philip (His site here) with his own Punx style take on a number of Batman: Arkham City characters!

Next is Cess, who has combined some DC heroes from Springfield Punx into a really cool Super Friends wallpaper! Nice touch with the "phasing" Martian Manhunter Cess! Click image to embiggen!


Gareth has also chimed in with his cool Arkham City inspired pics. His site here

Here is Altair from Assassin's Creed! This bad boy is done by Joey (Joey's site here)

And Gabriel has had the great idea of drawing Marvin (the paranoid android) from Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy!

Many thanks to all you artists and friends!