December 22, 2011

Doctor Who - the 5th!

The 5th Doctor (Peter Davison)


Don't worry Whovians, I haven't forgotten about you! With the Doctor Who Christmas special almost upon us, I figured it would be a good time to get out there with another one of the Doctors - This time, Peter Davison's 5th Doctor. He's a favorite Doctor to many - I mean, how can you not respect a man confident enough to wear a vegetable on his lapel?

Anyway, enjoy the DW special this weekend Whovians!

Before you waltz off though, check out some cool Who-Punx inspired stuff by some SP fans. First is a fun piece by Mike;
Also is a great "Dawgs" version of Capt. Jack from Noel at
It's A Dawg's Life;


  1. Aaah, Fivey!!! He looks so /awesome/ - thanks, Dean! :D

  2. Thanks for featuring my Captain Jack Harkness or as I call him Canine Jack Russell Barkness.

    Here is wishing Dean and all his MANY SPUNX fans a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful and exciting New Year. Love and Peace from all at It's A Dawgs Life

  3. The Fifth Doctor! Love it, thanks Dean!

  4. Classic as always - Davison looks fab, just needs a companion or two (cough, Tegan, cough cough) and he'll happy. Seriuosly thank you for sharing your skill with us less talented people :) Greig

  5. Love the 5th Doc. As always, a fantastic job!

    Thanks, Dean

  6. Davidson has always been my fave! So fab. thanks :)

  7. As always superb stuff, Dean. Nice to see some Who again.