December 2, 2011

The Archie Gang - Betty Cooper!

Betty Cooper

Betty is the girl I always envisioned Archie ultimately ending up with if he were to allowed age and all that.
What do you all think?

On another note, some friends from "down under" at Pathtags sent me this awesome metal tag featuring one of the Doctor Who Angel Punx from this blog! Wow, thanks guys! They use Pathtags as little rewards for people when they are geocaching. If you've never geocached, it's pretty neat, you should look in to it!
 Anyway, check it out -


  1. Hey man, love your work i'd like to try this some time, though i'm not really good at drawing.

    I was checking out your Spidermans and figured you have don't the version that appears with the fantastic four in the comics these days (, if you could do that version some time it'd be very cool. Thanks and keep the good work

  2. I always wondered what would happen if they attached a charge with a motion trigger to a weeping angel and then turned their backs for an instant.

    Looking good there, and Betty was the one I'd have picked for Archie. Veronica was mine. ;-)