August 28, 2013

Captain Power! Power On!

Captain Power (from Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future)

Please permit me today to indulge in one of the beloved, diamond-in-the-rough shows from my youth, the live-action 80's post-apocalyptic adventure show "Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future". It was in many ways ahead of it's time, but it was also kinda dark. The effects were good for the era, especially Lord Dread's menacing CGI robots, Sauron in particular.

The show also featured one of the coolest toy lines, with great looking action figures and ships/vehicles that would actually interact with the tv show - you could actually shoot the bad guys on the screen, and be shot by them! It blew my mind as a kid!

In any case, I hear the show may be up for a revival, this time under the name "Phoenix Rising"! More details on the Phoenix Rising Facebook page.

Aaaanyway, a bunch of cool fan submissions today too;

Abdul does his Simpsonized versions of superheroes at his page

"Le Brickinator" has send it some cool Punx renditions of Marvel's Falcon! Nice!

John is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who with this cool collage;

 And Cliff is back again with more great stuff; giving Doctor Who's 6th Doctor his Peri, as well as one of enemies, “Sil” who first appeared in “the Vengeance on Varos”


  1. Could you publish some football player like Gareth Bale in the uniform of his team Tottenham Hotspur and another in the uniform of his national team, Wales?

  2. Thank you very much for putting my drawings on.