December 23, 2015

A Doctor Who Christmas Treat from MsWillowbayOrelse

Right before the big day, a nice Springfield Punx friend named "MsWillowbayOrelse" has stepped in with a bunch of great Doctor Who themed Punx creations to share - members of the Time Heist and from the Girl who Lived, and also Astrid, Madame de Pompadour and Ada - check them out! Thanks MsWillowbayOrelse! Oh, and Merry Christmas everybody!



 Heist Clara

Heist 12th Doctor


 Madame de Pompadour


 Ms. Delphox




  1. Wow, best fan art yet. Almost look like they could be your work Dean. It's great that you take the time to show off other people's art on this blog as well as your own.

    1. I used some parts of Dean's and some of mine :) I mentioned that to him when I emailed him. I am glad you like them :) Happy Holidays

  2. Dean please please please do Walking Dead Punx i can send some great refrence pics if you like

  3. Hello dean. My name is Jack... I am a great fan of your work. Excuse me for doing this, I want to ask you something very personal. I want you to draw a Simpsons version of me and my teacher. I will post my email, if you like to talk with me man... take care bro... and happy new year...