December 2, 2015

TMNT Raphael Coloring Page

As I did with Leo, here's a coloring page version of Raphael. When you or your kids are done coloring him up, please, send those in and I'll do my best to post em on the blog! Have fun! (Click image to access and save the full size image)

Also today I'm featuring a couple of great Punx style drawings by Leighton - Some Power Rangers and James Bond action! If you like 'em, let Leighton know in the comments below! Thanks Leighton!

...and lastly I want to thank Megan and Carol for these awesome new Pathtags I've received, featuring my Doctor Who Punx!


  1. Please, Dean - make the 12 th Doctor in his new, fancy red velvet coat...(and the near Pertwee level bouffant)! :D

  2. I love your work Dean. Please, please do a Jared Leto Joker based on how he appears on the front coverlet he limited empire cover :-)

  3. Hi Dean, today i visit your blog and seen Raphael's coloring pages and i and my little Ben will color these pages. And we definitely send you. Thanks.

  4. OK I've been holding back asking, but since a fan send some in (and they're a good effort. If you haven't already I would love to see your take on the Bonds.