June 27, 2008

Darko? What's That, Like A Superhero Name?

Frank the Bunny, Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko was one of those movies that stuck with me the very first time, but I wasn't sure why. I wasn't exactly clear on what happened, but I had a theory or two. I knew that somehow Donnie had done something important.

I like it when movies reward you for thinking. Only after a lot of thought and some re-watching do I now have an idea of what was going on - at least I'm pretty sure.

A couple of other things about it make it really memorable - The music was amazing, especially that haunting version of "Mad World". And who could forget Frank the Bunny? "Why are you wearing that stupid 'man' suit?"


  1. I had to make my boyfriend an ljicon out of donnie; he loves that movie

  2. Very Excellent picture! I love that movie an i'm hopeing to go as frank the bunnie this halloween! Ebay don't fail me now!

  3. There's extensive philosophical breakdowns of the movie available online, and I'm told the official website has a lot of depth too - there's even a "walkthrough" for it (I won't post links 'cos I'm not plugging, but they can be Googled)

  4. I felt the same about watching Donnie Darko.

    I watched: Donnie Darko [ Theatrical Cut ], then The Directors Cut [ which explained a lot more ], and finally the directors commentary.

    Awesome pics/site btw! Bookmarked!

  5. Cool, I knew I wasn't the only one who felt that way the first watch, thanks for dropping a note Justin!