June 22, 2008

Hello, McFly!

Doc Brown, Marty McFly

Sometimes I spend a lazy Sunday afternoon flipping around the channels on TV, and I've often found myself stuck on one station for 6 straight hours catching a BTTF marathon.

I get easily wrapped up in the adventure and style of those movies. It's not only that, but the way it always gets my brain going with thoughts of time travel. Who I would visit? Would I want to go back and tell my younger self about the future? What historical events would I want to witness? Besides, I've always wanted to see what it's like inside a Delorean.

P.S. The band "Roper" does a great song called "1985" that'll be sure to bring back memories of BTTF, and might just make you fellow Gen-Xers pine for the "old days" :)


  1. Love your art. Keep up the great work!

  2. My favorite!!

    Cool! =)
    Dr. Emet Brown rules LOL

  3. wow! Back to the future!!!
    Good Job!!!

  4. I think Emmet Brown are a little bit bold but the work are really good. McFly are just as I imagine...

    Thanks for do this!!

    A crazy idea: Imagine a simpsonized version of Back to the future movie ?????

    See you soon.

  5. What, no variations of Biff? Or while we're at it, 1955 Doc, old Marty? George? Goldie Wilson?

  6. great stuff your characters are awesome. I really love these in particular. One suggestion is maybe Marty in the future with the futuristic jacket and Nike slef-lacing sneakers. You do have the hoverboard in here though which is awesome.

  7. Great job!!!

    Can you do the ghostbusters and slimer? Another great movie series from the 80s.

  8. My favorite movie is Back To The Future, thanks

  9. Doc Brown appèars in the Simpsons

    Here's The video

  10. Draw George! No one ever does him, poor guy.

  11. Amazing but can you update the characters, I mean, because your actual draws are very much better lines are softer than this.
    May be something like the original poster to use it as wallpaper or to buy a printed version!!