January 28, 2010

Ghostbusters 2 Wallpaper

Recently a SP reader named Chris Morrell put together a great Ghostbusters wallpaper with the guys in their updated Ghostbusters II likeness that I wanted to share with you. I really like the job he did and it makes for a pretty snazzy looking desktop if I do say so :) Thanks Chris!


  1. Wonderful! Congratulations! You are the best Dean!

  2. Great artwork, but the slimeblowers are missing in this GB2 redux.

  3. Hi!
    I've just "discovered" your blog and your pictures.WOW! You're very good!
    I loved all of them! My favorites are Mr.Bean and Dr. House.
    Congratulations!You're some artist!
    I hope you don't mind my suggesting some cartoons to be "transformed";I would love to see 'Herculoids'(do you know them? I think they're from the 60s or 70s)and 'Gargoyles'(from Disney, 80/90s).
    Bye! (^_^)

  4. Draw Tyler Durden from Fight Club or Alex from A Clockwork Orange.

  5. Great work, as always :-)

    Would be interresting to see how you imagine the next movie, the third one !

    Sirgourney weaverBill murray confirmed that doc Veckman will be a ghost, helping sigourney's son to become a Legendary Ghostbuster...

    If you want other sugestions: Back to the future 4 maybe, you did great doc and marty so...

    please, don't stop :-)