January 30, 2013

Doctor Who's The Master

The Master (John Simm)

A requested character, The Master/Harold Saxon portrayed by John Simm.

And keeping with the 10th Doctor theme, check out Cliff's Judoon drawing!


  1. Nice, Dean! I'd love to see Delgado & Ainsley's version of the Master too. (maybe the decayed version from the Tom Baker era)

    Thanks again

    1. Apparently, it was The Master's night. I was working on him as well. ;)


      Gotta love that synchronicity, eh Dean? :D

  2. Just a request from a diehard Whovian. Do you think you might do Doctors 6 and 7 to compete the set (since you have done Doctors 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10 and 11)? I have downloaded every single Doctor Who related image you have drawn and they are awesome. Would love to have the last two Doctors so maybe I could try some sort of 50th Anniversary Wallpaper using your Doctors and companions possibly in the TARDIS with the new logo and a quote like "Who is Coming" or "Doctor Who: The First Question" with "Doctor Who 50th Anniversary" also on there. Love all your work and the site. Keep it up and thanks for the awesome art!

  3. please get 10th doctor blue suit b himself