January 16, 2013

Another Who-ednesday with Clara

Doctor Who's (Oswin) Oswald/Clara/SouffleGirl - as seen in "The Snowmen" Christmas Special... plus the Doctor! 

 UPDATE! Some more Doctor Who stuff to share! Natalie got herself a cool DW Punx inspired tattoo featuring an awesome Adipose with Tom Baker's signature scarf!

Plus more great DW characters from Cliff! It's the 3rd Doctor and his Companions (from left to right : Liz Shaw, the Brigadier, Sarah Jane Smith, 3rd Doctor and Joe Grant)  and the 3rd Doctor and his arch enemies ‘the Sea Devils’. Click to enlarge.


  1. Your Site has been missing its Who'sdays for too long.

    As this is the Year of the big 50 for both The Time Lord ( and me too ) I hope all yours readers can look forward to many more Who'sday Tuesdays in the next few months.

    Best Wishes


  2. Fantastic! Might I suggest Vastra, the Silurian female adventurer/detective? She's one of my all time favorite characters in the show.

    1. yer and have her with jenny her wife(?)

  3. Your works are nice!!!!
    And, how about The Masters??? (Delgado, Beevers, Ainley, Roberts and Simm?) I'd love to see them^^

  4. i think you should try the sea devils they are my favrouite monsters and i love evreything you post