January 2, 2013

The Souffle Girl! It's a... Who-ednesday?!

Doctor Who's (Oswin) Oswald/Clara/SouffleGirl

Slight spoilers from the last season and 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special ahead...

Well in the last Doctor Who Christmas Special, we got a good introduction to Clara (Oswin) Oswald (played by Jenna Louise Coleman) who's a mysterious girl with a way of seemingly dying but showing up elsewhere in time with a different life, but still herself - not completely unlike the Doctor himself. Interesting.

Anyway, more versions of Clara-Oswin-Oswald-Souffle-Girl-Whoever-She-Is coming soon!

For some reader submitted art today, here's Joe's take on some Punx drawings. Looks like he had fun! Thanks Joe!


  1. looking good! Loves Clara/Oswin!

  2. Clara/ Oswin/ Souffle Girl is awesome! Please do her in her governess form, ooh, and the Doctor in his new outfit!

  3. Awesome as always! Hope to see one of Vastra, Jenny, and Strax!