April 25, 2011

Smallville Week; Day 1

Clark Kent

For this week, (while I work on some other stuff, Doctor Who etc.) I'll be posting characters from TV's Smallville, a show that I really liked originally, but became less engaged with as the show went on. I decided to give the show another look the last couple of seasons though, and I have to admit it - I'm hooked again. Yeah, the costumes and timelines etc. are somewhat different from what you're traditionally used to with Superman, but (for at least the last few seasons) they make sense within the world they inhabit, and in my case, have drawn me in to the show.

Well now we're in the home stretch with only a few episodes of Smallville left to go. I'm very pleased to hear about some of the things we can expect for the finale, and if you've been following the show at all lately, it's inconceivable that Clark won't don the cape and tights before all is said and done.

In any case, there will be a different Smallville character posted each day for the week, and also a different version of Clark each day as a bonus. See ya tomorrow!


  1. What happened to the Sarah Jane Smith?

  2. Viral, I just need some time to get to that. This blog is just a side project after all :)

  3. Cool man cool. Could you make some Poke'mon characters?

  4. It's something to consider, viral. Send me an email of a few characters you'd want to see.

  5. I'm up to season 9. Watched it from the very beginning & kinda lost interest, too, after they killed of my favorite character (though I'm still hoping he somehow manages to make a comeback before the show is over since they never showed a body..)

  6. I also like to Smallville, and I would like to see a Lex Luthor's design now that he is back for the super final chapter, I love Erica Durance.
    Grettings from Colombia.