April 18, 2011

Wonder Woman Back to the Airwaves

Wonder Woman (new Adrianne Palicki TV version)

Well this new Wonder Woman show coming to NBC should be interesting. The track record with this type of superhero show is mixed to be sure, but hey, I'll give it a shot. I actually don't think the costume is bad at all, and it's a real step up from that initial press pic (Thanks for the red boots, NBC!). I don't think I've seen Adrianne Palicki in anything else myself, but who cares? Maybe she'll be great.

Along the same lines is this physical Wonder Woman piece I did for a domestic violence event. (Click image to embiggen)


  1. Hey Dean, have you got any poke'mon pics? i would l9ove to see some!

  2. Well she has not got satin tights, but hopefully she will be fighting for our rights. Great Wonder Woman.... takes me back to when I first found your site. ( and the fun we had "sharing" Idea's )

    Cannot say I have been knocked out by the press pictures of the new WW. She does not have the Lynda Carter glamour, but again she does not seem to have the same "assets" I think.

    The costume is way better than Princess Diana wears in the comics these days, but its more about selling comic related goods than style these days I think.

    We have a Royal Wedding over here in the UK soon. (like anyone DOES NOT KNOW!!) How about doing the PUNX treatment on Wills & Kate.... Your DR WHO (Tennant) made the papers over here, just think what the press would make of these two given a PUNX make over. You May even get a KNIGHTHOOD from H R H... arise SIR DEAN

    Keep Doodling !

  3. I love that hand drawn one SO MUCH I wish you posted more things like that versus the super polished ones (which rule too of course).

  4. I agree the costume is great! Big time WW fan here and im looking forward to the show..

    however your art is fantastic! Love your work!!

  5. please please do a tribute to Sarah Jane Smith actress Elizabeth Sladen who's death from cancer was reported today... Its strange to think that the brig' Lethbridge Stewart (nick Courtney) last DR WHO outing on the DR WHO SPIN OFF the Sarah Jane Adventures with Elizabeth Sladen

    As a companion she spent longer in the Tardis than some of the later Doctors

  6. Hey Dean! Just recently discovered your blog and posted two entries highlighting your work last week on mine:



    I'd love to see your depiction of Oracle (aka Barbara Gordon) one day.

  7. You're stuff looks great. I'm not a big Simpsons fan, but I love seeing all of your takes in Simpson style. How about Scully and Mulder and maybe a Peacock