April 30, 2011

Smallville Week; Day 6

Lois Lane

...and yet another Clark Kent

SP reader Philip has done something cool that he wants to share - He drew up a Springfield-ized royal couple, Will and Kate! Thanks Philip!


  1. The pencil being the same color as her skin made it look, at first glance, like she had a horn.

  2. will u start doing WhosDays plaese and do the silence, a new Rory, a new River etc. of coarse a Sarah Jane Smith as well! Thx!

  3. Awsome you should do the rest of the Royal family, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, The Queen & The Duke of Edinborugh

  4. Lovin' the Smallville theme! You missed "Lois in American Flag Bikini" though. :-D That was several seasons ago.

  5. Ah you've got a few commentators back :) One thing that I enjoy most about your drawings is you hair! I have trouble drawing excellent hair. Any tips would be fantastic!