April 4, 2011

Spidey 2.0

Spider-Man (new movie version)

I'm pretty hopeful about this new Spidey flick. After that third Raimi movie, I'm definitely ready to see a different direction. I've seen Andrew Garfield in a couple of things now, and I like him. He's got a good presence onscreen, and he's certainly a capable actor.

The new costume is a move somewhat further from the classic comic book suit, but the basic Spidey shapes and colors are still there, so I'm okay with it. Here's hoping it's a good ride!

On another note, I was made aware that I was within the top 50 blogs on Wikio for the month, and they've also sent me a top 30 sneak preview to post for you! -

1Topless Robot
2Robot 6
3Superhero Hype
5DC Universe: The Source
6Comics Should Be Good!
7Dinosaur Comics
8The Comics Reporter
9The Comics Journal
11Comics Worth Reading
12A Softer World
13The Daily Cartoonist
14Manga Bookshelf
15lines and colors
16New from Dark Horse Comics
18The Daily Cross Hatch
19ExtraLife - Scott Johnson's Comics, Podcasts, Blog, Artwork, Humor and MORE!
21Major Spoilers
22The Manga Critic
23B o n e v i l l e
25Today's Inspiration
26Least I Could Do
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30Ink and Thunder
Ranking drawn by Wikio


  1. Topless Robot made #1! I love that site. It's come so far....

    Great Punx, too. I think the suit overall is okay, but the pointless detailing on the gloves and boots are a big thumbs down from me.

  2. pretty nifty dean :-D can you do Rocky Horror next? that would be amazing

  3. You seriously made my day today by doing this. I'm a huge fan of Spider-man and I love what you're doing with this project. Keep up the good work!

  4. Can't ever go wrong with everyone's favourite web-slinger! Might I humbly suggest a couple of "Sherlock" Punx as well? Keep it coming!

  5. You've managed to make me not totally despise this costume! BRAVOOOOO!

  6. I love that you've done this because it's pretty cool, however as far as I know there's only one piece of artwork released from the film and you can't see the whole suit in it. In particular, one of the biggest differences is the lack of red strips down his arm, however I think it's still there and his elbow is just facing away in the picture. If you look closely on his right side you can see the corner of the red going quite far down.

    If I'm completely wrong and you have more artwork I've not seen I'd love to see it and i'll take it all back.

    If it is in fact inaccurate, I hope you'll do a new version when there's enough material to work from.

    But still, keep up the good work!

  7. Lewis, there are some on-set pics of him that I looked at as well - but you're right, there still are some thin strips of red down his arm, however they're pretty much on the opposite side of the arm from what I drew.

    Anyway, I indeed may need to modify him after all, we'll see. Thanks!

  8. Could you make some pokemon charatcers, as well as a few pokemon?

  9. Please! Make some Smallville characters!! Your work is awesome and I love that series and it's going to end in a month so I would be very nice. Thanks! :)

  10. I love your Marvel and Street Fighter renditions. Can you do Psylocke and Sakura?

  11. That is a pretty cool pic, you make some cool pics

  12. Could you pls pls pls make a spiderman movie lizard punx that would make me SO happy!!!!