October 18, 2008

Month of MARVEL: Day 18


Matt Murdock, the son of a New York boxer, blinded in an accident where all his other senses are heightened, allowing him tremendous acrobatic skill? That's just a cool premise for a superhero.


  1. Very nice.. Oh and the title "Day 17" has been repeated instead of 18.

  2. Good to see you went red instead of his old-school yellow and black number! That was not the prettiest of costumes.

    Daredevil is the survivor - whenever the Marvel U is wiped out, he's always the last man standing.

  3. I was never much of a fan until I saw the director's cut edition of the movie. Now I'm only a semi fan. I imagine my conversation with him would be something like this:
    "So, you're blind, but you're a super hero, and your power is that you can SEE?"
    "Well, yeah, kind of..."
    (Don't be hatin' on me, DD fans, he's pretty cool, I'm just giving you a hard time!)

  4. Elektra is missing!

  5. if you go to marvel.com and search daredevil, there is something strange. If you look at the bar on the right under powers its over 1 screen long.

  6. Dear Dean
    I'm french and I love what you did.
    I'm fond of yours Deadpool, yours tv and movies' characters, yours comics' characters (I love Marvel)... And I wanted to ask you something : please could you make Kick-Ass' characters ? Because I love them and I wanted to see how they will be in Simpsons ^^.