October 9, 2008

Month of MARVEL: Day 9

Ghost Rider

Here's another of Marvel's unique characters, Ghost Rider!

He's a guy with a flaming skull for a head who rides a motorcycle and takes out vengeance upon street scum! How cool is that?


  1. May I suggest Daredevil for tomorrow?

  2. what was in the creators mind when he made this guy?
    what was in the directors mind when he chose nicolas cage to play it?

  3. Freakin' awesome work!! Love to see him in a Simpson's episode

  4. Youre really out-doing yourself this month. I look forward to checking this page every morning. Thanks for all these!

    ps- Any chance we'll get to see Gambit simpsonized

  5. GHOST RIDER is my favorite. I used to have this kick ass poster when I was like 7 on my wall of him all flamin and crap and the best part was that the flames on his skull and motorcycle wheels glowed in the friggin dark. How awesome is that?!?

  6. Invaded by the demon Zarathos. Huh.

    P.S. Where is his motorcycle??

  7. of course, you mention the motorcycle but don't draw it.