October 20, 2008

Month of MARVEL: Day 20


Magneto is one of the villians who made it into the x-men movies of course, albeit tweaked for film. Sir Ian in the role was definately a departure from the muscular Jim Lee-esque look of the character, but hey, if it was up to me, I'd rather go for the good actor with the powerful presence also. Below is a "darkened face" variation for ya.


  1. Wow! You choose some of the best characters from Marvel franchise...

    Can I make a petition? My favourite character is Wonderman, I know he isn't very famous but I like his problems with mortality... I like the old Hollywood actor's version wearing a black t-shirt without arms and the red W.

    Thank you for your work and for sharing your talent.

  2. Great work! Selection of the characters were on point, then the execution of the art is ridiculous.

    Keep it up!

    I'd personally love to see your takes on Edward Scissor Hands, Nightmare before Christmas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (new and old), A Cristmas Story, or something like The Simpsons as Futura characters or vice versa. Wow that was a lot. Well anyways much props and keep 'em coming.

  3. Great stuff! I hope you do the Juggernaut, since you seem to be on the X-Men...

  4. I read a comic book once where Iron Man wanted to create special armor for each member for the X-Men. Professor X said "Sure, let's go fight the master of magnetism with everyone dressed in metal."