October 23, 2008

Month of MARVEL: Day 23


Here's Angel (in his red and blue suits), who I actually think is a pretty cool character, but unfortunately was given a part in X-men 3 that seemed rather pointless to me. Hopefully he'll get a better shot sometime in a future film. He is one of the original X-men after all!


  1. I really don't understand why people like Angel. He's a whiny rich boy with giant chicken wings.

    Can you imagine how useless those wings would be in reality? So he can fly? Big deal, loads of heroes do that. Oh and also he has magic blood now or something...

  2. I guess lots of people don't like Angel, but Arcangel, now he was cool!
    (I know he's the same guy, but the character's pretty different)

  3. awesome angel maybe add a archangel?
    really looking forward to colossus or psylocke perhaps?
    keep up the great work im planning on making most of your work into fridge magnets with shrinky dinks

  4. These pictures are really good.

    Check out my blog if you have time, it's not quite as eloquent though :(


  5. the blue is way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!