October 22, 2008

Month of MARVEL: Day 22


As a fellow Canadian, (and as I just found out, born in the same province as me too!) I of course feel a bit of a kinship with Logan. He's lived so long, he could have learned a lot of things - makes me wonder if he ever played hockey! He seems to have lost that trademark Canadian politeness though.

Eh, bub?


  1. what about the yellow/blue wolverine costume?

  2. Yeah Wolverine its from Canada. The letal X weapon.

    Good job.

    Thanks for the answers, i send you all my questions in the next days.


  3. This is the coolest Wolverine's costume!!

  4. Awesome! I dig that you're using the Byrne/Clairmont costume. I miss that one... always seemed more woodsy than the yellow/black-blue one.

    Nice work :)

  5. cool ad !! but true, what about the yellow/blues custome...smoking a cigar, perhaps?...jajaja, see ya !

  6. I like more the yellow blue costume but you could at least post the new costume that he is using in the new x-force comics cause it is drawn the same way it just has more dark (black and gray)collor.

    PS: love the Weapon X "Costume" too the one as fugitive of mad experiment...

  7. Snikt!! Nice one man. He probably lost his Canadian politeness by spending too much time in Ameri... well, you get the idea.

  8. Holy crap your an Albertan too?!

    I love the choice of costume, my favorite.

  9. Ahh, I'm from Alberta too. I totally got WAY too excited than is "cool" when he appeared in Northern AB in the first movie. My sense of national pride is a bit too much sometimes =/ Sigh.

    Still, awesometastic!