October 1, 2008

Month of MARVEL: Day 1

Captain America

One of the great things about Marvel Comics is the great variety of interesting and distinctly cool looking characters. Each one of them have their own personality and appeal. As a kid I had so much fun following the adventures of the Marvel heroes. Big, small...dark, bright,...blue, green, or invisible - the Marvel Universe is a cool place to visit.

Anyway, to celebrate Marvel, Springfield Punx will feature a different Marvel character every day this month! Who better to start with than Cap himself?!

Tune in tomorrow and see who's next!


  1. So do you have the whole month planned out, or are you taking requests?

  2. It's planned out. Maybe you'll see you're looking for.

    And maybe I'll do some more at a later time if people really want to see a character that isn't here this round.

  3. Wow.. a Marvel character every day for this entire month. That is so cool :).

    Captain America is another of my fav Marvel characters. I hope they do a good movie based on the comics. Still can't picture the actor who will do the character enough justice though.

  4. Man you've already started doin' it on the last post of September...

  5. And again well dong, keep on with your stuff, i realy like it.

    Greetz from Berlin

  6. Publish Punisher and Venom, please.

  7. Cool idea! I was already a regular visitor to the site, but now I'll definitely be sure to come back every day to see who you've put up now!

  8. When you're finished you should put them together for an ensemble desktop wallpaper like your Watchmen one. Great work!

  9. Replies
    1. Black Widow's the sexiest avenger in Marvel history

  10. You gotta do Redskull ! :)

    I love your blog

  11. Your blog is awesome! Check out pixeloo.com some photoshop artist has posted "untooned" charecters like Homer Simpson and Mario.