October 27, 2008

Month of MARVEL: Day 27

Doctor Octopus

I think Doc Ock was one of my favorite Spidey villains growing up. Moreso than the Green Goblin I think. I just found him (and Mysterio) to be what I latched on to most while watching the old cartoon. A fun, neat looking bad guy with 4 mechanical arms!

I would imagine what I could do with those arms! Gym class would be easier, Climbing trees would be a breeze, and that bully kid at school wouldn't even be able to touch me!


  1. Man, I wish the Month of Marvel would never end!

  2. I see you gave him his classic bowlcut! Poor guy was stuck with that for about thirty years.

  3. Hi from Spain, I love your work in this page.
    Would you draw Iron Fist?, please.
    So we have Heroes for hire with Power Man.

    Thanks at all.

    And sorry for my english.

  4. How do I say 'awesome'!!!!!!!!!

  5. i noticed this was posted under spider-man. where's your venom?